low cost of ownership

No Central HUB or CONTROLLER required

All our Smart devices works Independently & directly connects with Wi-fi router without requirement of additional gateway,eventually lowering the cost on any Hub/Controller.

Works with

Google Assistant / Cortana


Digital Voice Assistant  


for Remote Voice control directly from smartphone.

Works with

Amazon ALEXA /

Google Home

Support Integration of 

Voice Assistant Device's required for In-house Voice control.


Independent / Integrated Operations

All our Smart devices can be operated Independently


Integrated with Mult-Sensor to pair-up with other Smart devices to create Routines & Scenes. 

Integration with IFTTT 

Pert published applets on IFTTT platform, where over 500 apps i.e. Twitter, Google Drive, Instagram, Gmail, and our devices  could be paired to create conditional Routines & Actions.

use what you want

Home Automation

Explore our range of Automation profiles , & Enjoy automation with flexibility to start with single product moreover


features ranging from Scheduling to Voice control. 

Commercial Solutions

Explore automation  empowerment in your workplace i.e. commercial office

/ retail space. 

And designed In-accordance to withstand   on requirements of

 Volt/Ampere/wattage ratings.


  • Surge protection features.

  • Device control delegation    In cases of Emergency crisis, Authenticate facebook friend circle by delegating required access over app.

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