#SmartHome thru #HomeAutomation

Join the bandwagon of IOT based Automation :

With advent of IOT related Integrations - Revoke your memory lane from the Initial introductions of Smart machines i.e. Washing machines with mere fuzzy logics & timely buzzers, Now the industry is READY to reckon you with Intelligent transformation of any dumb appliances into Interactive Devices.

Relief! No more sulking feeling to get in race of owning the new intelligent appliances, Instead accessorize old appliances thru retrofitting New generation based IOT kits. (Powered By : Pert)

Overwhelmed with basic necessity of #Smart Phones, #Internet Connections, #Playstore App rethink to experience these #SmartLife value additions, As Automation addiction expanded the comfort of controlling your #SmartHome from your #SmartPhone.

With appliances waiting to dance on your Voice Commands, Do MORE with IFTTT integrations and empower your traditional devices by power of Voice-over thru different applets. (IFTTT Channel : Pert)

Imagine the scenario of switching-ON the Light on Incoming mail Or Command your TubeLight with TURN-ON capabilities through Google Assistant on your smartphone.

With Endless Imagination and plothera of Possibilities, Opportunity is to add the intelligence thru IOT kit.

#SmartHome #HomeAutomationIndia

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